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List admin permission

The List Admin permission is set to be checked for all new members by default. This allows members to subscribe or assign other members to new and edited discussions, online docs, database records, spreadsheets, uploaded files and calendar events via the manage subscriber user option. Removing this permission prevents a member from subscribing others to such items (note: users can still subscribe someone to an item by using the @mention feature in comments).

Granting this permission is useful because it gives members the ability to easily communicate directly with each other. For example, without list admin permission a user may be able to create a calendar event or online document but they will not be able to subscribe anyone to notify them at the time of creation.

Enable/disable List Admin permission

  1. Navigate to the People tab of a workspace
  2. Select Permissions 
  3. Check the box under list admin for the specific member
  4. Click Update
List admin permission



 Learn more about workspace permissions, Workspace admin permissions


Note: This permission does not apply to tasks. Even with the List Admin permission disabled, a member will be able to assign a task, thus triggering an email notification.

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