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What is iMeet® Central University?

iMeet Central University is not your average classroom. You won't find chalk boards, rulers or apples on our desks.


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iMeet Central University Courses


Reporting & Analytics 201: Soaring High to Increase Value


Gain a bird's eye view of your iMeet Central world, revealing true user adoption, project risks and successes and more as we explore the many ways to create, maintain, and analyze reporting data in iMeet Central.

Recommended For: 
Executive sponsors, Department & Project Managers, Resource Managers and iMeet Central Administrators, plus anybody looking to slice and dice data that's visible across projects.

Topics Include:
Top reasons why reporting in iMeet Central matters.
Analytics suite including system reports, custom reports, and using custom property fields.
Tips on creating reports to solve challenges that include scheduling, resource management, project tracking and more.


Design & Layout 201: The Feng Shui Art of iMeet Central


Join us for our best practices 200-level series course highlighting our top 5 tips to create usable and brilliant workspace designs. Refresh your design strategies to experience a quick boost in user adoption and system value.

Recommended For: 
iMeet Central Administrators, Workspace Designers, and Creative Team Members who want insight into system design.

Topics Include:
Core system design elements and their importance.

Main design features including company settings, home page designs and workspace templates.
Top tips to create effective, efficient and empowering designs that promote adoption.


iMeet Central 101: The Nuts & Bolts of Collaboration


New to iMeet Central? Or need a refresher on the basics? This course is just for you. Walk through system concepts including how to log in, interact with files, projects, calendars and (most importantly) how to get access to help if you need it!

Recommended For: 
New Users, Project Administrators, or anybody who needs a refresher on the basics.

Topics Include:
Navigating the system and finding projects.

The basics of file management and task organization.
How to collaborate with your team and participate in discussions.


File Management 101: How to Become a File Guru


Download, upload, share and find: the basics of file management and the core to successful collaboration. Navigate the key steps to iMeet Central files and embrace the zen of understanding the core of document interaction.

Recommended For: 
Workspace administrators, Department / Operations Managers, Creative Teams, or any user collaboration around or creating files.

Topics Include:
Uploading, downloading and modifying files in iMeet Central.

Creating and managing online files, such as discussions and online documents.
Using file tags and statuses to improve your search functionality across projects.


Databases 101: Mining your Data in iMeet Central


You don’t need to be an engineer to embrace the value of organization and automation. Speed up your existing processes by quickly sorting, searching and automating your information in iMeet Central. You'll find a whole new meaning for a data gold-mine.

Recommended For: 
Department / Operations Managers, Project Leaders and Administrators, Inventory Specialists and Process Consultants

Topics Include:
How to create, modify, and maintain databases in iMeet Central.
Understanding the power of standard and custom views.
How to automate processes with workflow rules.
Using webforms that allow people outside of iMC to create database records.


Project Management 101: Staying on Task with iMeet Central


Whether you are a certified Project Manager or occasionally complete tasks, this course will walk you through all you need to know about the iMeet Central Project suite. Within this one hour session, you will become a certified expert in getting things done through iMeet Central.

Recommended For: 
Project Managers, Creatives, Operations Managers, Executive Sponsors, and any end user looking to better manage their day-to-day.

Topics Include:
Learn the basics of iMeet Central project management from top to bottom.
Understanding how Tasks, Task Lists, and Milestones are best used and organized.
Reviewing advanced features for how to shift project timelines and update workload.
Using different views to track project process and quickly find what's assigned.


Administration 101: Leveraging your Power in iMeet Central


Recommended For: 
Department and Project Managers, Executive Sponsors, and iMeet Central Administrators

Topics Include:
Managing company and workspace level administrative settings.

Understand how to add, edit and manage team member access across the system.
Making decisions that impact long-term company governance and configuration.


Review & Approve 101: Communication Circles in the Cloud


Improve the way you annotate and markup files with a quick, streamlined and integrated reviews tool. Learn how to add feedback, submit decisions and manage creative proofs alongside your team while inviting people outside iMeet Central to participate in the entire process.

Recommended For: 
Project Administrators, Creatives, Artistic Directors, and key deliverable stakeholders.
Note: This course discusses an add-on feature that is not default for all organizations.

Topics Include:
How to upload and convert files into Proofs for annotation and decision making.

Inviting and managing stakeholder access during the review cycle.
Executing on requested changes, managing version control, and creating a final deliverable.


How will these courses help you?

Maximize the value of your iMeet Central investment.

Our lesson plans aim to empower your team to not only learn the foundation of iMeet Central but consider unique methods to enhance your existing configuration and drive business efficiency and growth.


Earn a deeper level of trust from key organizational stakeholders.

By learning iMeet Central basics and more, you will have the tools to develop new and interesting ways to solve existing business problems. You and your team will be empowered to show the true value of the solution.


Quickly acquire advanced content and project management skills.

iMeet Central University modules are use-case driven and relate product features to core business challenges your teams experience on a daily basis. Instructors aim to not only showcase product basics but inform how to effectively engineer your workflow processes using our features to maximize your level of business efficiency.

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