Replies to comments

Now you can reply directly to any comment in the system by clicking the reply link under that comment. This nests your reply directly under the original comment. This is a great way to  organize long-running comment threads or for replying individually to feedback. Learn more about comments and notifications



  • Comments can be nested only one level deep (you cannot start a subthread by replying to a reply).
  • When you reply to a comment thread, an @mention is automatically added for all users currently on that thread (remove users from the notification by deleting the @mention and deselecting the notify subscribers checkbox)
  • Replies are always sorted oldest to newest, even if your top-level comment sort is not. Read more information on comment sorting
  • If there are more than 3 replies in a parent comment, the replies collapse and only shows the 3 most recent. You can click "View previous replies" to expand additional replies.


Email replies 



Reply to a comment via email and your response will post under the comment you've selected.

  • From within the email notification click the reply button under any comment (this button is in the content of the email, not the reply button from your mail client).
  • Your mail client will open a new compose window with a different email address in the To: field (each comment has its own email-in address)

Choosing reply via email will add an @mention to the original commenter, as well as notify all of the subscribed users.



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