File and discussion comments

Comments are an excellent way to facilitate communication within a team or organization. Members can use comments to exchange information about a topic that does not necessarily have a place in other forums. For example, comments can be used to explain why a file (such as a contract) was formulated the way it was without inserting that information directly into the file, which may not be suitable. 

Enabling and disabling comments

Comments can be enabled or disabled in the Workspace by any Workspace Administrator. To enable or disable workspace comments, go to Settings > General Settings > Configuration Options.















Commenting and email notifications

If enabled, members can comment on any File, Discussion, Wiki page, or Blog post. 






















Comments can also be added by replying to notification emails.

You can also choose the default setting for email notifications by choosing to turn Email Notifications On/Off (under Settings > General Settings > Configuration Options in the Communication section). When email notifications are turned on, adding a comment to a discussion will generate an email to all discussion participants. Replying to a comment by email will also result in an email to all participants. All comments sent in via email to Uploaded files, Online Documents, and Online Spreadsheets are syndicated via email to all subscribers of that respected item. 


Note: Emailed in comments are only accepted from members of the workspace. Comments emailed in by email addresses not associated with a workspace member email address will be discarded. See this article on Alternate Email Addresses for more info.
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