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Using @mentions to notify and subscribe people and member groups



Quickly subscribe and notify your collaborators directly in the comments by typing @ and then the user's name or member group name. You can mention members and member groups in any comment area across the system. @Mentioning your colleagues in comments will automatically subscribe them to the document for future notifications. Users with List Admin permission can access the manage subscribers menu.

To @mention a member or member group, simply navigate to the comment section of the information you wish to subscribe them to. Then type your comment along with @user's name. Once you begin to type the name, a list of workspace members and member groups will begin to populate, and you can select the desired user from there. If you @mention a member and then uncheck the notify subscribers checkbox, only the @mentioned user will receive a notification of your comment.

You are able to @mention all members or groups that are a part of the workspace with the exception of any user with Observer permission enabled.


Email notifications from mentioning members is not supported when editing comments. We recommend making a new comment to properly send out the email to the person mentioned.
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