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By classifying Internal members into logical clusters (departments, teams, work groups, divisions, etc.) administrators can then apply access and permissions at the group level, rather than just the member level. Internal members can belong to multiple groups, or none at all. Groups can be added to a workspace by going to People > Add Members > Add Internal Members or Groups. Once a group is added to the workspace, it will appear under the Permissions tab. 

People tab
Note: When working with permissions in a workspace (which includes member groups and individual members), the greater permission levels will take precedence. For example, you can add a Company All group with only Read permissions, which will add all internal members to the workspace. However, adding an individual member with Read, Edit, Add, and Delete permissions will override the group level permissions.

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Creating Member Groups

Group Administration

Member Group Visibility

E-mailing Member Groups

Creating Member Groups

To create and manage member groups, go to the company admin menu (gear icon in the top right) and select Company Setup>Groups & Roles>GroupsClick Add Group to create a group. Groups are displayed alphabetically, and can either be edited or deleted using the corresponding icon to the right of the group name.

Group view


Group Administration

A list of internal company members will appear in the left column and can be moved to the right side to be made a part of the group. All members can be added or removed simultaneously or one by one. This area can be accessed by either selecting the edit option or by clicking on the group name.


Edit members

You can add member groups to a workspace the same way you would add an internal member. Member Groups must belong to a workspace in order for them to appear as options when sending email notifications. 

You can also quickly update, add and remove permissions for your member groups with the same look and feel as the user workspace permissions. Simply click on the name of your member group (Company Setup > Groups & Roles) and bulk select the workspaces you want to update permissions for your member group.



Company All member groups are created by default when a workspace is created.  They include all internal members, and cannot be edited in a company set up.

Company Admin member groups are added to all workspaces by default.  If you have workspace admin permissions, you can remove the company admin member group using the People tab.  When a workspace is created and this group is added, each member is given permissions.  This includes an observer permission so that the new workspaces do not show up in their workspace groups list.  If they want to be added to the groups list, they must be added individually to the desired workspace with the observer permission turned off.

Member Group Visibility

If you have member groups setup for certain departments in your company, you can choose to display the department names on specific user profiles. To enable group visibility, navigate to the company admin menu (gear icon in the top right) and select Company Setup > Groups > pencil icon to edit the group; then, check the box under visibility.  When viewing an other member's profile, the group affiliation will be listed under their contact information.  


Profile group

Emailing Member Groups

Member Groups will appear when selecting members for email notifications and subscriptions. This allows for easier selection of members when determining who will receive syndicated notices and updates.

Email groups
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