Workspace backup alternatives

In order to provide better backup consistency, we limit workspace backups to 10GB per backup process. If you try to process a backup request greater than 10GB you will receive the following error message::

However, there are some alternatives a user can take to back up this content.  We recommend splitting up the content over two workspaces.  To do this, we recommend creating a second workspace, followed by creating folders in that workspace.  Once you do that, you can move files from the original workspace to the new workspace's folder.

You can also download files in bulk, as well. For help with both of these processes, please view our Bulk Actions article. Once you obtain your files, you can export your entire Project Management tab, Databases, Time Tracking, etc.

Finally, you can always submit a support ticket if you are having trouble backing up a workspace. The support team can provide additional guidance.

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