How do I close, cancel or delete my account?

Unpaid accounts

If you are a free trial account, please submit a support ticket from the email address associated with your iMeet® Central account requesting that your account is deleted. Support will promptly delete your account.

Note: Support will only delete accounts by request of the email account associated with the iMeet® Central account. For security reasons, Support cannot delete an account at the request of an unaffiliated email address. If you own workspaces and you request your account be closed, your workspaces will be deleted. 

Paid accounts

To cancel a paid subscription:

  1. Click on the company admin menu (gear icon in the top right) and select Company Setup
  2. Click on the Billing tab at the top
  3. Click on the plan you wish to cancel
  4. Click the Cancel Service link
  5. Follow the steps to cancel services and delete your data from iMeet® Central

Accounts with outstanding balances cannot be canceled. Past invoices must be paid in full in order to cancel your account. If you'd like to make payment arrangements please submit a billing ticket

Note: For quality and security purposes, some customers may be prompted to call us in order to complete the cancellation process. If so, the phone number and order number will be provided on the cancellation page.

Paid subscription accounts 

Enterprise and Agency level accounts must provide 30-day notice of cancelation prior to the contract renewal date. For more information read canceling a paid subscription 

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