Deleting files in workspaces

Items in the Files & Discussions tab can be deleted and sent to the Trash from the folder view or when viewing a single file.  Once a file has been sent to the Trash, it can either be deleted permanently or restored back to file.

Only workspace members with Delete permissions will be able to send items to the Trash and permanently delete them. Any administrator can adjust member permissions from the People  tab.

To delete a file from a folder list view, select a file and click on the Trash.

delete list view










To delete a file from the file preview mode, click on More > Trash.





Permanently deleting files

Once a File has been moved to the Trash, it can be permanently deleted to free up storage space.  You can permanently delete a file by selecting the file and clicking on the Trash icon or selecting Empty Trash. Empty Trash will delete all items in the Trash. 

Permanently Delete











Recovering a file from the trash

To recover a file from the Trash, select the file you want to restore, then click on the restore button.  The Files will be restore back to their original location.

Retrieve from Trash, Recovering
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