Working with uploaded files

Once a file has been uploaded to a workspace, there are numerous options to work with them. To interact with an uploaded file, navigate to the Files & Discussions tab and click on the name of the file you want to interact with.

After selecting the file name, you are taken to the file preview page. This is where you can download, lock and unlock, upload a new version of the file, perform a proof action (Proof license required), Edit with Cloud Assist or Manage the share option for the file. To upload a new version of a file, simply select the Upload New Version button, select a file, add a status or comment, and click OK.  You can also drag and drop your file on the preview window to upload a new version. 

In the upper, right corner of any file is an More menu with a list of the following options:

  • Help with Files & Discussions: Directs you to our Help Center
  • Add to favorites: Adds this file to your favorites list
  • Change status from: Changes the current status
  • Edit related tasks & milestones: relate the file to existing tasks and milestones in the workspace
  • Audit Log: view the audit log for the file (if enabled in the workspace)
  • Version History: view the version history for the file
  • Add comments via email: access the email in address for comments on the file
  • Copy File: Allows you to create and save a copy of the file
  • Move: move the file to another folder or workspace
  • Rename: Allows you to rename the file. Note: It is important to keep the existing file extension the same when renaming a file.
  • Trash: Sends the file to the trash folder



Sharing and subscribing

Click on the Share to add subscribers to the document or click on the drop-down arrow to:

  • Manage Subscribers: add or remove subscribers to the document
  • Send via Email: email a copy of the online document 
  • Send via URL: copy a permalink for a file or create a public link or create a new public link


Subscribing members to a file allows those members to receive email notifications for changes and comments made to the file. To view which workspace members are currently subscribed to a file, select the Share button. A list of subscribers will appear. 

To add subscribers to a file, select Share and type the name of the user or group you wish to subscribe. As you type, possible results will be listed. Click the name of a member or group to subscribe them. To remove a subscriber click on the X icon next to the member's name.

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