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Folder Workflow within files & discussions

Using workflow rules you can trigger emails, tasks or actions based on changes to files within a folder. Workflow gives you the flexibility to choose the criteria for these actions.

Below I've included the steps to create a workflow rule to notify you when a file is uploaded to a specific folder.  

Building the workflow rule

Within the workspace Files & Discussion tab, select the Options menu at the top right, select Workflow

Select the New Workflow Rule button to build your rule

  1. Name the rule and select Email Notification
  2. Select the folder to apply the rule to. You can select multiple folders and decide if you want to include subfolders
  3. What action do you want to trigger the notification? choose uploaded, edited, deleted or moved from the folder
  4. Choose which members will receive the notification
  5. Below these options, you can customize the email that you will receive
  6. Save the workflow rule. Test the rule by uploading a file to the folder to get the email notification




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