Workflow rules for files + discussions

Workflow is a rules-based system that automatically sends an email notification, creates a task, performs an action, or starts a proof when specific, user-defined events occur. Workflow is available in the Files & Discussions and Database tabs and can only be accessed by a Workspace Administrator. Workflows will trigger in the order of the displayed priority on your workflow list. 

Note: Unlimited workflow is only available with iMeet Central® for Enterprise and Agency customers. To add additional workflow rule limits to your account, please contact our Sales team at

Creating a workflow rule

To create a new workflow rule, go to Files & Discussions > Options > Workflow > New Workflow Rule, and follow these steps:

  1. Enter a rule name.
  2. Choose the rule type:
    • Email Notification
    • Task Creation
    • Action - to set the file status
    • Create Proof
    • Move
  3. Apply the rule to a folder. Hold the Ctrl key to select multiple folders.
  4. Set the rule to trigger when a file is:
    • Uploaded/Created
    • Modified
    • Deleted
    • Checked Nightly
    • Moved In
    • Moved Out
  5. Select the various Notification options or Action settings depending on your Rule Type.
  6. (Optional) Customize the Email Template or Task Details using the available workflow variables. To insert a workflow variable, select a variable from the drop-down menu and click Insert into Template.
  7. Click Save Workflow Rule.

Deactivating a workflow rule

To deactivate a workflow rule, edit the rule, select Inactive, and click Save Workflow Rule.

deactivate workflow

Inherited Folders

To select all the subfolders and files of a top level folder to include in a workflow rule, simply check the check box next to "Apply to subfolders of selection".  To select individual folders, uncheck that checkbox and manually click on the folders you would like to include in your workflow rule.


Deleting Workflow Rules

delete workflow


Files & Discussion workflow rules can be deleted by clicking the 'trash can' icon to the left of rules in the Files & Discussion workflow rule list.

For more examples read about Folder Workflow within files & discussions

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