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Review email participants

You can add people to the Review that are not members of iMeet Central. We refer to these outside email address as Email Participants. To utilize this feature you must enable Public File Sharing within the workspace settings.

Email participants can:
  • Download files
  • Make a decision (if a reviewer)
  • Receive notifications from the review
  • Comment and annotate on files, including the ability to add comment attachments
    • Exception: public users cannot Email in attachments, they must be uploaded directly to the Review page

How do email participants access the Review?

Email participants can access files under review from a link provided via email. 
  • This link is unique to them, it should not be forwarded
  • The link is tied to the email making the decision on the review
  • The link expires when the review is archived
  • If the review is unarchived, the link will become active again
  • Removing the Email Participant from the review will terminate the link
  • Adding the Email Participant to the review will generate a new review link
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