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Review email notifications

Email notifications are sent to reviewers and CC members of a Review.

Below is an example of the email notification sent to notify subscribers of a new version being added

When a new file version is uploaded to an active Review all of the previous decisions are cleared

Email Notification

The notification contains

  1. Link to file and workspace
  2. Due date and time
  3. Review notes
  4. Reviewers
  5. Thumbnail and file name
    • The file name may be different from the name of the Review title



Email Participants

Email participants receive the same Review notifications as iMeet Central users. When the outside user selects "View Review" from the email they are directed to a public file page where they are allowed access to review the file. If they are directed to a login page, it means that Public File Sharing needs to be enabled in the workspace settings. Learn more about Email Participants


For more information see Review - standard process and flow, Review roles and statuses,

My Reviews list, and Reviews tab 

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