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Note: You must contact support to completely enable single sign-on functionality.  Please provide the email domain that will be used with OneLogin.

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Configuring OneLogin and iMeet® Central? for SSO
Testing the Configuration
Creating Additional Users in OneLogin
Troubleshooting Tips


Configuring OneLogin and iMeet® Central? for SSO

To configure single sign-on with OneLogin and sign users into iMeet® Central? using SAML, follow the steps below.

In OneLogin

  1.  In OneLogin, navigate to Apps > Find apps and search for iMeet® Central?Click Add.
  2.  In the Add iMeet® Central? screen select the app to be used by the Organization and select SAML 2.0 for the Connector Version. Press Continue.
  3. Type your iMeet® Central? subdomain into the Subdomain field within the Configuration tab.

  4. Under the Single Sign-on tab copy the HTTP Endpoint under SAML Endpoints to use in iMeet® Central? later. Set the credentials to "Configured by adminand select a default User name value of "email" to use as the iMeet® Central? credential.

  5. Under the Access Control tab, choose which roles will have access to iMeet® Central?.

In iMeet® Central?

  1. In the top right corner, select Account > Company Setup.
  2. Click the Advanced tab, and then the Single Sign On link.

  3. Complete the fields SSO URL and SSO Logout URL as shown above (i.e. & 
  4. In the field SSO Login URL, paste the SAML HTTP Endpoint you previously copied (i.e. 
  5. In OneLogin, click Security > SAML and copy the SHA-1 fingerprint. Paste that into the field SSO Certificate Fingerprint in iMeet® Central?. 
  6. Enable SAML SSO by checking "Enable SAMLv2 Single Sign On."
  7. Click Update to save the setting.  

Testing the configuration

  1. Make sure you are logged out of iMeet® Central?.
  2. Login to
  3. Click the iMeet® Central? icon on your dashboard. This should log you into your iMeet® Central? account.

If you're not using the same email address in iMeet® Central? as you are in OneLogin, do the following:

  1. Click Apps > Company Apps
  2. Edit the iMeet® Central? application. 
  3. Navigate to the Logins tab.
  4. Locate your user and click Edit
  5. Enter your iMeet® Central? email address in the Email field and and click Update.
  6. Navigate to the portal and re-test by clicking the iMeet® Central? icon.

Creating additional users in OneLogin

If you want to allow additional users to log into iMeet® Central? through OneLogin, you will need to create additional users 

  1. Click on People > New User
  2. Fill in the user profile and click Update
  3. Click Apps > Add App > Select iMeet® Central? > click Continue
  4. The user should now be able to log into OneLogin and click on the iMeet® Central? icon to log in 

Note: to reset the user's password in OneLogin, click on People , locate the user and click Edit > Change Password


Troubleshooting tips

If you run into any issues logging into iMeet® Central? via SSO after following this guide, review the following troubleshooting tips.  

  1. If  you are seeing the below error when attempting to log in from OneLogin, please submit a support ticket and provide your email domain which will be used to authenticate your SSO.  For example, the domain listed here is  
  2. Visit OneLogin's Support page or open a support ticket with your issue.
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