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The following is a brief guide to getting started with iMeet® Central and using our navigation. When looking at your iMeet Central account, you should see a navigation bar towards the upper part of your browser (see screen shot below). You’ll notice that as you scroll down the page, this navigation bar moves with the page. This allows for you to always have your search and user options with you no matter where you are in iMeet Central!

Custom profile fields


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Company Admin Menu

Custom profile fields


Starting from the far right hand side, you will see a gear-looking icon. This is the Company Admin Menu and provides the shortcut to the Company Setup and Manage Workspaces pages. In the Company Setup area, Company Administrators have options available within General Settings to change the behavior and functionality of the company account. Detailed options for the company setup and its page can be found here.

User Menu

Custom profile fields


The User Menu can be found in the navigation bar by your name, as well as your profile picture (if enabled within your account). Selecting this prompts a drop down menu.

Users will see the following options;

Profile – See the options here to edit your account information, including first name, last name, primary and alternate e-mail addresses and much more. You can also control the frequency of updates and digests that are emailed to you pertaining to your workspace accounts.

Tasks – View a list of Tasks assigned to you. More info on My Tasks view

Calendar – View a three month list of Calendar Items to which you are subscribed. Each workspace is indicated by a unique color set. More info on My Calendar view

Reporting – Navigate into our reporting feature where you can create robust workspace reports based off a number of different variables.

Web Meetings – View a list of scheduled Web Meetings in your account.

Favorites - View any pages that you have marked as a favorite in iMeet Central.

Last Viewed - View a list of the most recent pages you visited in iMeet Central.

Change Company - Switch to another company you are a part of.

Help - Access the iMeet Central Help Center.


Custom Navigation Menu

Custom profile fields


This section is fully customizable. Company Admins have the option of what, if any, shortcuts display here for their users. You may use this to create new links such as shortcuts to workspaces, reports, and other areas within your account.

To customize this area, navigate to Company Setup > Look & Feel > Custom Navigation. Enter in the menu label of your choice, select the "+" icon and add an initial link text and link URL. Once finished the drop-down menu you have created will now appear.

Opening Custom navigation links in a new window or tab

Custom navigation links can be set to open the link in a new window or a new tab in the browser. Please use the following java language in your links:

  • Opening in a new window

    • javascript:makeRemote('url goes here')
  • Opening in a new tab

    • javascript:void('url goes here', '_blank'))


Custom profile fields


The last menu in the Navigation bar is the quick create feature. Selecting Create will prompt a drop-down menu which will display the options to create an Event, Task, Workspace, or Report.

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