Why does it say "You are not authorized...?"

The message "You are not authorized to access the system in the manner you were attempting" is shown when you are attempting to access a workspace of which you are not a member. Usually, this happens when a workspace member sends a link to someone outside of the workspace. 

To gain access to the workspace you'll need to contact your company's iMeet® Central administrator or the workspace administrator. There is no generic contact here, each company has their own internal admin. If you are unsure of who to contact you can open a support ticket and we will provide you with an admin contact for your company.


 How do I request access to a workspace?

  • Any company or workspace admin can add you to a new workspace
  • When you request access let them know if you already have an iMeet Central account
  • Provide the name of the workspace or a link to the content you need to access
  • Create a support ticket only if you are unsure of who to contact within your company, for security purposes the iMeet Central Support team is unable to change user permissions or add users to workspaces
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