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Internal vs. external members

All iMeet® Central accounts allow for a distinction between internal and external members. Internal members are listed as part of the Company Directory, can be added to multiple workspaces at one time, and can view items marked "Internal." Internal Members are generally people within your company.

External Members are generally customers, clients, partners, vendors, etc. External members must be invited to each workspace individually and cannot view items marked "Internal Use Only". External members cannot be added to Member Groups. For more details on the two types of accounts, see the chart below.

Members can... External Internal
have Read, Download, Edit, Add, Delete and Admin rights in a workspace
appear in workspace Members list
appear in Company Roster  
view items marked Internal Only *  
be added to User Groups  
be a Company or Billing Administrator  
host Web Meetings (if subscribed to Web Meeting plan)  
create company workspaces or reports  

* Items that can be marked for Internal Use Only: folders, task lists, milestones, databases, events

Internal members 

To access Internal Members administration go to the company admin menu (gear icon on the top right) and select Company Setup. Select Internal Members, permissions can be set here for members across multiple workspaces by selecting the gear icon in the workspace permissions column adjacent to the member's name. Members can be removed and passwords can be reset using the More Actions menu, access this menu by selecting the checkbox to the far right. For more information see managing internal members

External members

To add external members and manage their permissions you will need to navigate to the workspace that they are a part of. While in the workspace, click on the tab People > Permissions. External Members have a gray icon next to their names. Use the checkboxes to grant or remove permissions. Use the checkboxes on the far-right in conjunction with the buttons above to remove external members, reset passwords or to make the member Internal. See our Articles on Adding and Removing Members to workspaces, converting an External Member to Internal, and resetting a Member's password.

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