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Active and inactive internal members

How do I remove a user from the workspaces without deleting them completely? Internal Members can be marked as inactive, removing their access to company workspaces. This is helpful in situations when members are temporary, contracted, or on vacation. The status of each member is listed under the Status column in the Internal Members list.

Note: Inactive members do not count against your Internal Member allotment.

Making members active or inactive

To make an Internal Member active or inactive:

  1. Go to the company admin menu (gear icon in the top right) and select Company Setup > Internal Members
  2. Check the box to the far-right of the member's name to cause the More drop down option to appear
  3. Select More > Make Active or Make Inactive



Inactive member permissions

Inactive members do not have the ability to login to iMeet® Central or receive emails. If an inactive member attempts to login, he or she will see the following message:

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