Canceling a subscription

Canceling your account will permanently delete all of your iMeet Central data and workspace contents. To cancel a paid subscription:

  1. Log on to iMeet® Central.
  2. Select the company admin menu (gear icon in the top right) and select Company Setup.
  3. Click on the Billing tab
  4. Click on the "Click here to Cancel Account" link located at the bottom of the Current Plan Section.
  5. Confirm intent to cancel.
  6. Click the "Cancel My Subscription and Delete All My Content Now" link
Note: Enterprise and Agency accounts cannot be canceled in the system. These accounts require a 30-day notice prior to the renewal date. Please open a service ticket to request cancellation. Only Billing Administrators can cancel accounts. 

To have your personal account removed from our system:

Open a service ticket to request deletion. Deleting your account will stop all email notifications and remove your profile from any company that you were a part of.


Read more for more information on canceling paid or trial accounts

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