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Online documents

Online documents are documents that can be created, stored, and shared in iMeet® Central. Online documents can be edited in the browser, without any additional software required. A WYSIWYG ("What you see is what you get") text editor is provided for editing the content, layout, and design of online documents.

Creating a new online document

To create a new online document, navigate to the Files & Discussions tab and click on New > Document

New Document


Saving an online document

To save an online document, simply click on Save. From there you will be on a screen to allow you to:

  • change the document title
  • what folder you would like to put it in
  • Change the document status
  • add tags to the document
  • give you the option of notifying via email
Save Document


Online document options

At the top right of the online document is a More tab with a list of the following options:

  • Help with Online Documents: directs you to this help center article
  • Add to favorites: adds this document to your favorites list
  • Print: prints the document with your designated printer
  • Change status from: changes the current status
  • Edit Related Tasks & Milestones: Allows you to edit related tasks & milestones.
  • Audit Log: Ability to see history of exactly what has happened to a document.
  • Version History: Allows you to compare previous versions of a document.
  • Add Comments Via Email: Ability to add comments by emailing an email address provided.
  • Add Password: creates a password required for any user to access the online document.
  • Allow Edits only in HTML mode
  • Convert to Wiki Page: converts the online document to a wiki page
  • Print: prints the document with your designated printer
  • Print to PDF: saves the online document as a PDF file
  • Archive: Archives your document.
  • Copy: Duplicates your document.
  • Move: Give you the option to move to a different location.
  • Rename: Allows you to rename the file.  
  • Trash: sends the document to the trash folder
Options menu 

Sharing an online document

On the right side of any online document, you will see a Share button. Click on the word Share to add subscribers to the document or click on the drop-down arrow to:

  • Subscribers: add or remove subscribers to the document
  • Send via Email: email a copy of the online document 
  • Send via URL: create a Permalink or Public Link to the online document
Share Drop Down


Comments, Version History, and Audit Log tabs

At the bottom of every online document are the following tabs:

  • Comments: allows you to add a comment and notify subscribers via email. Learn about comments
  • Version History: allows you to view previous, read-only versions of the document, compare two different versions, or revert back to an older version. Read about version control 
  • Audit Log: allows you to view all activity on the document such as views and modifications
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