Editing database field types

When creating a Database or importing data into a database, you are given the option to select which type of Database field you want to create. 

Field Type Groups

Once selections are made, you are able to make changes to the field type, but only within it’s related group.

Here are the groups and special considerations for all field types:

Group 1

  • Text
  • Text (Multiple Lines)
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • URL / Web Link
  • URL / Short Web Link (Click Here)
  • Internal URL
  • Multiple Choice - Drop Down List
  • Multiple Choice  (Allow Multiple Selections)
  • Proof Group  (Allow Multiple Selections)
  • WYSIWYG Rich TExt Editor
  • Status (Pulls from Doc Status Options)
  • Concatenated Text (BETA)

Group 2

  • Numeric (No Decimals)
  • Numeric (No Decimals or Commas)
  • Numeric (With Decimals)
  • Currency
  • Currency (No Decimals)
  • Percents
  • Yes/No Checkbox
  • Formula, Numeric (with Decimals) <--(Cannot import this field type)

Group 3

  • Date Only
  • Date and Time

Special Field Types

After Creation, certain field types CANNOT change and CANNOT be imported at any time.  The drop down menu will appear grey and opaque. 


The following field types cannot be changed after creation:

  • Workspace Member
  • Internal Member
  • Image
  • Formula, Numeric (with Decimals)*
  • Concatenated Text (BETA)
  • Database Relation
  • Elapsed Time
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