Milestone List view


The Milestone list view allows you to quickly manage your Milestones in a newly expanded view. You can find the Milestone list page under the Project Management tab or by selecting the "View As List" link under the Milestones sidebar. With the Milestone list, you can see up to 50 Milestones from your workspace on one page (including columns for your company's custom Milestone properties), click-to-edit fields, easily filter through Milestones using a dedicated search bar, and make bulk changes to Milestones fields. 


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Bulk Actions

Shifting Dates & Moving Milestones





Make quick changes to milestones via the arrow button on the far-right of each Milestone row. Additionally, you can double click-to-edit most fields or click the pencil icon to enter edit mode. To ensure your quick edit saves, make sure you click out of the edit area or hit enter.


Bulk actions


Bulk changes can be made by selecting a few of the check boxes to the left of the Milestone title. Once selected, new buttons to AssignArchiveDelete, and More will appear in the top-left of the Milestone list view. With these bulk actions, you can assign multiple milestones to a user, mass archive milestones, or delete the Milestone entirely.  

Shifting dates & moving Milestones



The More menu presents the options for bulk shifting dates of your Milestones (also shifts dates for related Tasks and dependent Milestones). There is also the option to move your Milestones to another workspace. 



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