Custom milestone properties

Using custom milestone properties, company administrators can tailor milestones to expand the scope of information that is included in all milestones. Company administrators can edit milestone properties, as well as the layouts in which they are displayed and edited, by navigating to the company admin menu and selecting Company Setup > Custom Fields > Milestone Properties.



Adding milestone property fields

Once at the Milestone Properties sub-tab, click on Add Milestone Property Fields to create a new milestone property field. Options are available for the field name, field type, whether or not the field is required, and the field's default value (if any).



Editing milestone property fields

To modify existing custom milestone property fields, click on Edit Milestone Property Fields. This section will allow for changes to the field name and the field type. To delete a milestone property select the trash icon.



Milestone Search

You can control whether certain fields will show up in search or not by selecting the Searchable Field checkbox. When you select show in "quick results" the data from this field will appear in the look ahead search. The look ahead is a drop down of search results that appears as you type search terms into the search bar. Select this option for field information that you'd like to quickly reference.


Creating a milestone form

Milestone Property Forms allow you to control which Properties are displayed in your Milestones and Templates. For example, you might make a form for print projects and another for digital projects. You can even add your forms into templates to further streamline project creation.



Modifying the form layout

Once you've created a milestone form you will need to modify the layout to add and arrange the property fields for each project. To modify the form hover over the form and a drop down arrow will appear. Within this menu are the options to Edit Description, Modify Layout, Delete Form, and Set as Default. If the custom form is ever deleted the system will revert to the Default form until another milestone form is chosen.


When modifying a layout there are two views to manage Display Layout and Edit Layout. The Display Layout is the layout that workspace members see when viewing the milestone, whereas the Edit Layout is the layout that members see when creating or editing the milestone. 


Drag and drop milestone properties to arrange them in the milestone form. Leave unused properties in the left navigation column outside of the form. Add a new section by dragging the Add new section field into the form. To designate a field as required in Edit Layout select the asterisk within the property field to turn it red.

Changes made to the Display Layout can be applied to the Edit Layout by selecting the Apply to Edit Layout check-box . Click Save Changes to save the modifications. 


Milestone List

The Milestone List Layout allows you to add and arrange columns to your 'Milestone List' view under the 'Project Management' tab.


Click 'Milestone List Layout' to access this view. Clicking 'Add Column' lets you select a milestone property to add to the view. 

To arrange your Milestone List columns, hover over each column name. While hovering, you'll see a new icon (represented by a series of horizontal lines) appear to the left of the column name. Click and drag this icon around to arrange your Milestone List columns. Select the trash can icon to remove a column. Save the list layout when your changes are complete.



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