Online Spreadsheets Release Notes & Troubleshooting

Online Spreadsheets Release (Part 2)

Spreadsheet Preview:

  • Initially, we released the Spreadsheet Editor to open all spreadsheet files in the Online Editor. We have decided to return the preview to the static image that all other file types within iMeet Central use
  • When a spreadsheet is opened, the preview engine generates a static PDF to show the contents of the file
  • To edit the spreadsheet you must select the  Edit Online button


File Size Limitations:

  • Spreadsheets up to 20 MB can edit online with the new editor
  • Spreadsheets Larger than 20 MB need to Download and edit offline, then upload a new version


Upcoming changes:

  • Cloud Assist for Spreadsheets will return to the system
  • If a spreadsheet is edited online it will Download as XLSX by default

Troubleshooting Tips

How do I Edit a spreadsheet within iMeet Central?

  • Open the spreadsheet from the Files menu
  • The preview will show the spreadsheet as a static image
  • To open the Spreadsheet Editing tool select Edit Online from the top right navigation 



Why is my spreadsheet not showing?

  • The preview engine generates static PDF previews of all file types 
  • For spreadsheets, some of the data can prevent the PDF preview from generating 
  • Fear not, your spreadsheet is ready to access either by selecting Edit Online or Download




Why does my spreadsheet forward to an error page when I select Edit Online?

  • In some instances, the spreadsheet data may not be compatible with the online editor
  • If you are unable to edit your spreadsheet online, simply select Download to edit your spreadsheet on your computer
  • Save and select Upload New Version to place the updated version of the spreadsheet back in iMeet Central


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