Collaborative Spreadsheet Release April 2022


UPDATE: April 20, 2022

Confirmation of release date: Friday 4/22 @ 10PM PT

In an effort to bring back the functionality as quickly as possible, we have decided to split the release into 2 phases. 

Part 1: collaborative viewing, editing, saving, uploading, and downloading a spreadsheet   (release date: Friday 4/22 @ 10PM PT)

Part 2: Version control will be added where previous versions are saved and accessible to save as the current version  (release date: May 2022)

The versioning piece of this release is new functionality being added to Collaborative spreadsheets. In the past, our spreadsheet editor had not allowed users to revert back to older versions of spreadsheets


UPDATE: April 2, 2022

The Spreadsheet release went smoothly but we've decided to roll back based on issues that we'd like to fully address before re-releasing the Spreadsheet feature to all iMeet Central users. We sincerely apologize for this setback. We are committed to the stability of the iMeet Central product for our customers and will only release code when it is fully functional for all users.

Please direct any questions to 


Original Message: March 27, 2022

We are excited to announce that Collaborative spreadsheets will be returning to iMeet Central this weekend (4/2)
The spreadsheet update needs to be released over a weekend to minimize the impact on users. We have the code release scheduled for Saturday. The Collaborative Spreadsheet functionality will be available for all spreadsheets Sunday 4/3, you may notice some slowness early morning on Saturday within files and discussions if you are in the system at that time.



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