Spreadsheets Maintenance & Update February through March 2022

We take our commitment to providing you with the best possible service very seriously. In order to deliver this, we sometimes need to take a step back to move forward.

Our Collaborative Spreadsheet feature is undergoing a major update. To prepare for this release we need to temporarily remove the Collaborative Spreadsheet feature. Starting Mid-February all Collaborative Spreadsheet files will be converted to Excel files. This will ensure that you have access to all of your company spreadsheets while we update our API & storage system.

The engineering team is working as quickly as possible to bring the new editor online. This update also paves the way for our new Collaborative Documents feature coming later this year. All spreadsheets within iMeet Central will remain Excel files for the next few weeks.

To begin this conversion we have planned maintenance outside of normal business hours to minimize the impact on our customers. During the maintenance window, all Collaborative Spreadsheets will be converted to Excel files. We plan to restore the Collaborative spreadsheets feature at the end of March 2022. Please email support@imeetcentral.com if you'd like to be notified of the exact conversion date.


Updates included in the API change (ETA March 2022):

  • Improvements to user access eliminating access errors
  • Storage update
  • The ability for any user to collaboratively edit spreadsheets in any workspace
  • All files will be reindexed 
  • API update will support the release of the Collaborative Documents feature


Tips to help you work with Excel files within iMeet Central

Open the spreadsheet within iMeet Central, use the Download & Lock feature to open & edit the spreadsheet on your local computer. Once changes are completed, select upload new version to Save the spreadsheet back to iMeet Central and maintain version control




If you have Cloud Assist installed on your computer, you can use the Edit button to automatically Download & Lock, then Save back to iMeet central.


To interact with the spreadsheet as an Excel file in iMeet Central:
- Upload .xlsx doc 
- to Edit select Download & Lock button 
- Edt on your computer and Save 
- Upload as a "New Version"

If you have Cloud Assist installed:
- Select Edit 
- the .xlsx file will open on your computer
- save your changes
- the file will auto save back to iMeet Central as a new version

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