November 10, 2016: File Preview & Comment Enhancements Release

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We are excited to announce some enhancements to our Files & Discussions interface. We’ve heard a lot of feedback from our clients about how they interact with files and content stored within iMeet Central. Our designers and engineers have been working hard to create a more intuitive and delightful experience for your users.

What’s changed?

 Improved File views

One of the first things you’ll notice is that we’ve moved some check boxes around and modified the file list view so that the functionality aligns better to other parts of the system. Specifically, the bulk selection checkboxes are on the left side of the file name, the actions have been consolidated under the ‘More’ dropdown, and users can now see the number of comments on each file. The ‘Items not in folders’ root folder has been renamed to reflect the workspace name. We heard from a number of clients that the previous root title was confusing and we think this change will improve the user experience.

We’ve also added a thumbnail view that allows you to preview all files within a folder

Additionally, users have the ability to sort the files list by the Name, Last Modified date, Type, or Status.


Files will now open as preview modals so that users can view file previews without losing their place in the system. This also includes the ability to preview previous versions of a document without having to download the file.

Additionally, images and other file types have improved zooming and paging capabilities. You can now zoom in or out from your image preview to see specific aspects of the image or get the context of the entire image.

 Scroll through file previews within a folder

When you click on a file within a folder, task or milestone, you’ll now be able to easily scroll through all files within the folder or linked to the task or milestone. This change should minimize the clicks it takes your team to quickly preview related content and assets.  

 File comments display to the right of the file preview

We’ve heard your feedback and improved your ability to view and scroll through file comments. File comments now display to the right of your file preview and scroll independent of the file preview so you can read comments without losing your place in your document.

By default, the comments sidebar is expanded to show all comments. Users can choose to collapse the comments sidebar to get more screen real estate for their document.

Improved display and sorting of comment threads

To further enhance your ability to quickly and easily see the context and comments your users need, we’ve made a number of improvements to the way comments are displayed and sorted. 

On uploaded files and online documents, comments will now display with the comment box and newest comments at the top. Users can scroll down through the comments to see older comments within the thread as needed. This change is intended to make it easier for your team to read the comments that are most relevant without limiting your ability to see older comments from the thread.


Comments on discussions, tasks, and milestones will display in chronological order (oldest to newest). To improve the user experience and ability to see the most relevant comments, we’re automatically minimizing older comments so the most recent comments display by default.


IMPORTANT NOTE: To support these changes, we’re sun-setting the ‘Default Sort Order’ workspace setting. We believe the new changes blend the best of both sort options and will improve the user experience for your teams. We welcome any feedback your teams may have regarding the updates.

Consolidated file actions menu

We’ve consolidated the file actions into a single menu. Users can still take bulk actions on files by selecting multiple files and applying the action from the ‘More’ menu. Or, users can take action on a single file from the file preview page. The menu options and displays for both actions have been streamlined to provide a more consistent user experience.


Additionally, the Audit Log and Version History information are accessible from the More menu within a document rather than as separate tabs.


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