August 18, 2016: Improvements to managing user and member group permissions

We are excited to announce a number of enhancements that we released to make managing individual user and member group permissions much easier at the company level. Now your workspaces will be grouped by 50 per page to allow you to better manage permissions for internal, external and member group permissions. Quickly add, remove or edit the permissions on one page without clicking all the permission boxes. 


Bulk managing permissions on users and member groups (update/add/remove)

Navigating to the user permission screen (Company Setup > Internal Members > Workspace permissions) will allow you to bulk update, add and remove permissions across multiple workspaces. Quickly add a user to all workspaces with one click of "apply".


The same is true for managing member groups across your company. Now you can quickly update, add and remove permissions for your member groups with the same look and feel as the user workspace permissions. Simply click on the name of your member group (Company Setup > Groups & Roles) and bulk select the workspaces you want to update permissions for your member group.



Ability to add a user to multiple groups in one place (no more going from group page to group page)

Adding a user to member groups used to mean navigating to each group and adding that user one at a time. Now you can manage the user's member group permissions all on one page. Navigate to the user permissions page (Company Setup > Internal Members > Workspace permissions) and use the Member Groups picker to select the different groups you want the user to be part of. Hit save to update the permissions, and now your user is part of all the groups with one click of the mouse. 



Other notable release details include:

  • The ability to set Task Reminders within task list and milestone templates
  • We've re-titled the 'Full Name' column headers in reporting to provide better context (for example, you'll now see 'Task Assignee' or 'Task Completed by' rather than 'Full Name')
  • You can now sort on custom task property fields
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