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How to use comment attachments

We’ve recently made some improvements to how you attach and relate files within comments that we hope will make it easier for you to get your files into the right place with fewer clicks. Our goal is this: to allow you to attach reference images and files directly into comments as easily as possible, (you guessed it, this means drag and drop!) while also enabling you to get working files into their proper locations and referenced in the comment with minimal clicking.

Here’s what you need to know…

You can now drag and drop files up to 20mb into the comment box to quickly insert the image or downloadable file into the comment.

Comment Attachments


You can still select the paperclip icon to insert files from your computer or the system as well, though we've expanded the functionality to cut down on clicks.

Comment Attachments drop down

To make it easier for you to get files where they need to go and quickly insert related links into your comment, we’ve enhanced the related file picker (previously known as ‘Attach from iMeet Central’). You can now select ‘Link to file in other location’ to insert files that are already attached to tasks, milestones, or folders within the same workspace by navigating through or searching within the file picker.

Link to files 

If your file doesn’t already have a home within the system, you can also upload the file to the right destination and insert a reference link within your comment. 

Drag and drop to link 

There are a few key changes to note:
  1. Files that can be attached directly to comments are limited to 20 MBs or smaller. We recommend using the new file picker to upload larger files to a milestone, task, or folder and automatically insert a link into the comment so that you can fully leverage system features like version history and shareable links
  2. Email in attachments will also be limited to 20 MBs each and will be attached directly to the comment rather than the Attachments folder
  3. Files attached solely to a comment will no longer be stored in the Attachments folder or searchable via system search. This means you won’t have to rename files inserted as comment attachments, but we do recommend following the steps above if the file is important enough to be searched
  4. Files only attached to comments will still count toward your storage limits and will be included in workspace backups
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