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April 12, 2016: Workflow Automation & Audit Log Improvements

We are excited to announce the release of a few enhancements aimed at improving workflow automation and expanding coverage of activities recorded in the Audit Log. 

What's new...

  • Insert variables via task list and milestone creation workflow: We know you’re always looking for ways to cut clicks from your process, so we’ve added support for dynamic data insertion from custom fields in task list and milestone creation via workflow rules! This means you can now build your task list and milestone creation workflow rules to drop in the workspace name, custom fields, or set the start/due date based on a variable entered in the workspace properties.                                                                                                                            


  • Populate custom task and milestone properties via workflow: We’ve added support for custom task and milestone properties in both database and company workflow. You can now pre-populate custom properties with either static or dynamic data depending on your needs to help improve context and reporting without the manual effort! 


  • Improved logging of notifications: We know it’s important to have visibility into who received which notifications. We’ve added additional audit logging capabilities so you can now see to whom a notification was sent, as well as when it was sent via workflow rule!


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