Attachments and related files in database records

Individual database records feature a robust Files & Discussions tab that you may use to attach, view, and download files specific to that record. Individual records also support linking to related files already located within your workspace, allowing you the same file interaction features as attachments without using additional storage space.
Attached Files
You can attach files to individual records through the Upload button or through dragging & dropping a file directly into the designated space in your browser window. The attachment will appear within the Files & Discussions tab and will be stored in your corresponding workspace's Attachments folder. 


Helpful facts on attached files:

  • All attached files are stored in the Attachments folder of the corresponding workspace.
  • Moving a database to another workspace via the "Move to another workspace" feature will also move any files attached to your records.
  • Uploading a file with the same name as a file that is already attached will create a new version of that file.
  • You can toggle whether attached files are displayed in list or thumbnail view by using the List / Thumbnail view button.


When viewing an attached file, the location path of the file is displayed under the file name within the file preview page. Clicking on any of these location paths will direct you to the corresponding location page.

Related Files
Related files will display beneath the Attachments section. By clicking 'Add link to file' you can search for and link existing files within your workspace.


Related files can be removed by clicking the "X" that appears to the far right of the file name. 
Helpful facts on related files:
  • Related files can reside in any folder within the workspace and are not limited to the Attachments folder.
  • You can relate a single file to multiple records.  
  • When you move a database, the file will remain in its original Workspace location, and will no longer be related to the records.
  • If you a delete record or corresponding database, its related files will not be deleted.  Instead, they will remain in their original folder.
When viewing a file that is related to a record, you will see its relations in the top right corner of the file preview window.  You can follow the listed links directly into the Database.
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