December 1, 2015: Milestone templates and project management improvements




Exciting product updates 

Greetings collaboration rockstar!  
We are excited to announce exciting new enhancements to the iMeet® Central platform. Aimed squarely at the taskmaster, project management guru and efficiency aficionado, we think you're going to be pretty excited.

Project management improvements
In the past 12 months, we've added roles, variable workspace property forms, workspace workflow + automation and file attachments on tasks and milestones. Today, we released another round of incredible enhancements to our project management capabilities.

Milestone templates 
Setting up new projects and milestones has never been quicker. You can now create milestone templates at the company level and drop them into a new or existing project workspace quickly and easily. You'll also have the ability to convert an existing milestone into a milestone template! (Learn more about milestone templates here.)

Work forward or work back schedules
Have you ever wanted to build your schedule from a Go Live date? Well, now you can! We have added the ability for you to build milestone and task list templates with dates relative to your launch date to ensure a smooth and intuitive project initiation process. 

Automatically notify assignees when a predecessor is complete
Now, you can notify all assignees of dependent tasks or milestones when a predecessor task or milestone has been completed, letting them know it is now unblocked and they can begin work. This configuration setting can be adjusted at the company level and found in company settings.

(Company Settings | General | Configuration Options | Optional Features)

Other exciting improvements
Clone a database without content
Would you like to make a copy of an existing database but don't want to copy the records along with it? Now you can! Navigate to an existing database and select "Select an action". Choose "Copy Database" and select whether you'd like to copy with existing records or not - it's up to you!

Bulk download folders 
Want to download an entire folder within files + discussions and retain the folder structure and contents? Now you can. Simply select the folder(s) you want to download, select options, and download an entire folder in files + discussions. It will now retain the folder structure and send you an email when the download is completed.

Custom email subject lines for sharing files
Sharing a file via email from iMeet Central and want to customize the subject line? Now you can! (Share via email is only enabled when file sharing has been enabled in the workspace settings.
(Settings: Workspace settings | General | Access + Security | Access + Sharing | Public File Sharing Options - Enabled) 
(Using Share via email: Navigate to the file preview | Click "Share" | Send via Email)

New workspace option for "Notify assignees checked by default"
Now, you can set a new workspace setting for notifications to assignees when tasks are created or modified.  (Workspace settings | General | Configuration Options | Projects

Bug fixes
We've stomped out a few important bugs as well to improve your overall experience. 

We encourage you to dig in, give these exciting enhancements a test drive, and work with your Engagement and Account Managers to incorporate them into your daily workflow. 


The iMeet Central Product team


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