As of April 2023 iMeet Central is now Central Desktop Acquisitions Inc. Reach out to support@imeetcentral.com for more info

Scheduled Maintenance: Friday, November 6th 2015 (9pm-10pm PST)

Scheduled Maintenance: Friday, November 6th.

There is a planned maintenance scheduled from 9pm-10pm PST on Friday, November 6th.

On November 6, 2015, Central Desktop becomes iMeet® Central

In October, 2014, PGi, a global leader in collaboration software and services, acquired Central Desktop. As part of the acquisition, the Central Desktop product will join the iMeet® family of collaboration tools and be rebranded as iMeet® Central.

The transition is expected to be seamless to end users who have come to depend on our collaboration solution and requires little to no change on your part. 


What does this mean?

Product URL

The web address for Central Desktop will change from mycompanyNAME.centraldesktop.com to mycompanyNAME.imeetcentral.com.

Don’t worry! Users logging into their Central Desktop accounts will automatically redirect the to the new URL

Tip: Encourage users to update their browser shortcuts.  

Single sign on – action required!

Companies using Single sign on with Central Desktop will need to update the domain within Company settings to imeetcentral.com.

Tip: More details here.  

Whitelisting iMeet® Central

Changes to the URL might mean your IT team needs to update their firewall settings to include imeetcentral and imeetdata.. (More details here)

Tip: Contact your IT department to have them add the following URLs to their whitelist: imeetdata.com and imeetcentral.com.

System generated emails

Email notifications from Central Desktop will change from noreply@in.centraldesktop.com to noreply@in.imeetcentral.com

All email in and email out will be redirected for a period of 18 months.

Tip: Encourage users to update Outlook rules and contacts to reflect the new email addresses.   

Help center

The help center will be moving to help.imeetcentral.com.

Tip: Update any browser shortcuts to the new help center URL.

Permalinks, custom navigation and more

Permalinks, custom navigation and custom tabs with internal links

All permalinks, custom navigation and custom tabs that link to internal Central Desktop pages will automatically be updated so you will not need to change these. 

Mobile application

The Central Desktop mobile application will become the iMeet® Central mobile app. We will push an update to the Android and iTunes stores which will automatically update the app with the new look and logo.

Tip: Encourage users to look for an update on their mobile device. 


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