How can I change, reduce or stop emails from iMeet® Central?

To change, reduce or stop getting emails from iMeet® Central, change your email digest frequency. 

Go to the user drop down menu (top right next to your name) and select Profile.

Select Email & RSS Subscriptions. Note: It is important to click Update to save changes made to Email & RSS Subscriptions.

Email and RSS Link

On this page there is a check box option to Send me Daily Email Reminder of Upcoming and Overdue Activities. If this is checked you will receive a daily email regarding activities. If this is unchecked, you will not receive these daily emails.

Send Me Daily 

Also on this screen is the frequency you receive the email digests for each workspace. Using the drop down menu, the frequency can be set to:

Every Month
Every Week
Every Day
Every 12 Hours
Every 8 Hours
Every 4 Hours
Every 2 Hours.  

Any workspace selected in excluded workspaces picker will not be included in the dashboard or email digests.

Email Digest Frequency

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