Alternate email addresses

When email is sent into iMeet® Central, the From Address is used to identify and validate the sender. Multiple email addresses can be associated with one iMeetCentral account using the Alternate Email Addresses field. This can be useful if members have more than one email address that they may want to use to respond with. Responses from both Primary and Alternate Email Addresses will appear as coming from the member name associated with the account. However, email notifications coming from iMeetCentral are only sent to the Primary Email Address listed for the user.

Adding Alternate Email Addresses

  1. Go to the the user menu (top right next to your name) and select Profile.
  2. Add the email address in the Alternate e-mail addresses field, one per line
  3. Click on the Update button to save the changes


Emails sent to iMeetCentral from an email address not associated with a valid account will be returned with the following error message:

The message you sent could not be delivered. This may be because you do not have the appropriate permission in this workspace, the item no longer exists, the item is in the trash or that the email address you sent your message from is not a member of this workspace. If you use multiple email addresses you may want to add this one as an Email Alias.

Read more here: . You can also contact the workspace administrator to request access or additional permissions to this particular workspace. 

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