Why did iMeet® Central not accept my email?

iMeet® Central requires all email sent into a workspace to originate from an email address of a member of the workspace. All other mail is discarded as spam.

If you have sent an email into iMeet Central which was rejected, you are either not a member of the workspace where you were emailing into or the email address you composed your email from is not on file as being associated with your account.

To rectify this situation, add all the email addresses that you compose email messages from as email aliases of your account. To add an email alias to your profile, navigate to the user drop down menu (next to your name in the top right) and select Profile

In the "Alternative e-mail addresses" field, enter all the email addresses you use to compose email from and click Update. iMeet Central will now accept email from all the email addresses included in the alternative e-mail addresses field. 

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