How do I change my profile picture?

Your photo is configured in your Profile. To add or change your photo:

1. Navigate to the user drop down menu (next to your name in the upper right) and select Profile.

2. Select the Photo link. 

Photo Link


3. In this screen you can choose a file from your computer to upload and crop as your new photo. Note: Delete Current Photo is also an option from this screen.

Upload New Photo


4. Click Choose File.

5. Browse to the photo you would like to use and click Open.

6. Click Upload.

7. Click Save Photo. You now have a new photo to your profile.

Note: If you replace a current photo, the new photo may not appear right away.  Try a hard refresh of your page (CTRL-F5).  If the new photo still does not appear, we recommend clearing your cookies and cache in the browser.  This should update the new photo to display properly.  

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