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There are multiple ways to approach organizing projects in iMeet® Central. If granular project management needs are minimal, users can help limit the number of new workspaces created by utilizing workspaces as campaigns and managing related projects as milestones within that space.

In addition to needing fewer workspaces, users taking the campaign approach to project management encounter less "account sprawl" and a better centralized location for resource management and reporting.


Features Used:


Project Management

Files & Discussions


Key Considerations:

File Management

It's important that files and folders are organized in a manner that is conducive keeping documents pertaining to various projects organized and easy to navigate. When configuring your file structure, consider having top level folders in the workspace represent key phases of a campaign, while the subfolders represent different deliverables or stages. For example:

  • Mailing Campaign 2013
    • Specifications
    • Drafts
    • Final
  • Digital Content Fall 2013
    • Assets
    • Drafts
    • Final


Milestones can be used to better separate various projects being carried out within a campaign. Much like the top level folders of the campaign space, Milestones should be created for key campaign phases. Organizing campaign phases into milestones helps keep task lists separated and gives excellent progress visibility. 

Task Lists/Tasks

When milestones are used to represent projects, task lists can be used to track any logical groupings of tasks within the project. Tasks themselves should be clear and concise, with descriptive titles.


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