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The iMeet® Central Glossary is a great resource that gives a brief explanation of all the different features of iMeet Central. The listed features are links to the Help Center article or video that gives a more in depth explanation. This glossary is helpful for users who need a quick reference for iMeet Central features. 



Alternate Email Address Multiple email addresses can be associated with one iMeet Central account using Email Aliases.
Application Blocks Application Blocks can be added to any Home tab, online document, or wiki page as a method to add dynamic content to your iMeet Central pages.

Archived Workspaces

A Workspace that will no longer need to be accessed on a regular basis can be archived to remove them from regular navigation options.


Workspace owners and Company Administrators can perform a workspace backup at any time. A backup is a good way to get all of the information from a workspace to your local drive.
iMeet Central for Mobile iMeet Central's mobile application.
iMeet Central Labs iMeet Central Labs is where widgets and other experimental features can be enabled or disabled for your company.
Cloud Assist Cloud Assist lets you edit files directly from iMeet Central using the native applications installed on your computer.
Custom Fields Using Custom Profile Fields, administrators can tailor profile, task, time tracking, workspace, and milestone properties to include pertinent information thereby maximizing their utility to the organization.
Dashboard The Dashboard provides an overview of information from all workspaces to which the member belongs.
Databases Databases are ideal for contacts, inventories, or any other set of items with similar fields.
Discussions Discussions are a great way for Workspace members to communicate. Conversations can be started and continued either online or via email.
Emailing In Save time by emailing in Online Documents, Files, and Discussions.
Events Use the Calendar to keep everyone in sync.
Favorites Mark files, online documents, wikis, and more as Favorites for easy access from the top navigation bar.
Files Members within your organization can collaborate on files uploaded into iMeet Central.
Gantt Charts Gantt Charts illustrate project schedules according to the start and end dates of milestones and tasks.
Internal vs. External Members Internal Members are generally people within your company. External Members are generally customers, clients, partners, vendors, etc.
Member Groups Member Groups offer a means to organize Internal members for easier administration.
Mentions You can quickly subscribe and notify your fellow collaborators directly in the comments by typing @ and then the user's name.
Milestones Milestones are significant projects that consist of tasks in associated task lists.
Online Docs Documents with WYSIWYG capabilities that can be created, stored, and shared in iMeet Central.
Online Spreadsheets Similar to traditional spreadsheets, but with several differences such as online interaction.
Permissions Workspace permissions are assigned to individual members or groups and define the type of work someone can accomplish within a specific workspace.
Profile Users can manage personal account settings, contact information, and more in their Profiles.
Project Roles Project Roles makes it incredibly simple to setup new project workspaces. Assign users to roles when creating your new workspaces and your entire project plan will be automatically assigned to the appropriate people.
Reports You can run reports that give you a variety of useful information surrounding workspaces, users and projects.
Review and Approve Review and Approve allows users to provide in-line edits and comments directly on creative proofs, resulting in faster, more efficient review cycles.
Saved Web Pages Save web pages you find online to share with your team.
Shareable Links You can share uploaded files and Online Documents to people who are not members of your workspace.
Shared Folders Share content contained in folders across workspaces.
Single Sign On Leverage your Active Directory or LDAP service for user authentication.
Status Updates Status Updates are an excellent way to communicate brief messages to the rest of your team and keep others informed about what you’re working on.
Subscriptions Subscribe workspace members to documents, discussions, wikis, database records, and more.
Tab Options An iMeet Central Workspace is comprised of two different types of Tabs: System Tabs and Custom Tabs. By modifying tab options (displaying, hiding, and setting up customized tabs) to fit a specific Workspace, a member can navigate easily through the system, saving time and performing more efficiently.
Tagging Tagging, or the process of adding a word tag, allows assignment of a non-hierarchical keywords or terms to a piece of information enabling more random-access recall for each member.
Tasks Tasks are individual pieces of work that can be prioritized and selected to reoccur based on its due date.
Task list If tasks are related to one another, they can be created under a common Task list and selected to depend on each other.
Task list Templates Task list templates allow you to quickly duplicate tasks for standardized processes.
Time Tracking As its name would indicate, Time Tracking allows members to track the amount of time spent on a Task.
Web Folders Web Folders allows you to access and manage your files directly from your Windows or Mac desktop.
Wikis Wikis are very simple, community-based pages that can be edited and viewed by members of a workspace.
Workflow Use Workflow rules to trigger automatic email notifications, automatically create tasks, and more.
Workspace A Workspace is a collection of web-pages where small teams, departments, or even large companies can come together to organize, share, and collaborate.
Workspace Forms Workspace Forms allow you to control which workspace properties are displayed in your workspaces and workspace templates.
Workspace Groups Grouping Workspaces is a great way to organize, especially when dealing with a large number of Workspaces.
Workspace Properties Custom properties can be configured to ensure all relevant project information is kept in a central location.
Workspace Templates Workspace templates can be duplicated when creating new workspaces and they are ideal for repeatable projects.
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