System performance guide

This troubleshooting guide is intended for users who are experiencing performance problems with their iMeet® Central account.

Browser performance

One way to insure that you are getting the best possible experience running iMeet® Central is by keeping your browser up to date. If you are using an older version, you may not be seeing websites the way they were meant to be displayed. Furthermore updates are frequently issued to protect your computer from possible security issues. Trying a different browser could improve performance. Each browser has its own way of rendering web pages & some browsers are more responsive when running iMeet® Central. Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are two supported alternatives that you are welcome to try:


The amount of data on a page can directly affect load times. For example a user viewing Files & Discussions on a workspace that has 20 folders in them will experience faster load times than a user viewing Files & Discussions with 500 folders in them. Similarly a user viewing a workspace that has 10 task lists and 100 tasks will have a different experiencing than a user viewing a workspace with 50 task lists and 1000 tasks. If you feel that your Files & Discussions, Task Tab or any other area of iMeet® Central has slow performance because of the amount of data that is being displayed at once, try moving items that aren't actively being used into an archived workspace. You can also contact us and so that we can discuss other possible alternatives.


If you are seeing significantly higher load times you should contact us so that we can troubleshoot. We will ask for the following information to help us resolve the problem:

  • What browser application are you using?
    • E.g. Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc...
  • What type of machine are you on? What Operating system is it running?
    • E.g. Intel Processor running Windows 7
    • E.g. iMac running OSX Snow Leopard
  • What kind of internet connection are you on?
    • High Speed Broadband such as DSL/Cable or faster is recommended.
    • Not sure? Test your Upload/Download speeds with speed test
  • If you are sharing an internet connection with other users (like a home or office network) do other machines exhibit the same problem?
    • If not, the problem is likely with your machine.
  • Have you tried accessing iMeet® Central from another connection? (such as your office or home or vice versa) Are there any speed improvements when you do so?
  • Where are you physically located?
  • Are you on a Proxy?
  • Are running any sort of IDS (Intrusion Detection System) that does keyword filtering?

The answers to these questions may help us determine how to remedy any performance issues you might be having with iMeet® Central.

Firefox browser causing excessive page load times in iMeet® Central (over 2 seconds)

If you observe excessive page load times using the Firefox browser, but not in IE, it could be that your prefs.js file has become bloated if you have installed and uninstalled many addons. Try the following:

  1. Disable ALL Firefox extensions / addons, Tools -> Addons.
  2. Locate the Firefox prefs.js file, which on Windows XP will be in the system profile folder:
    • C:Documents and Settings//Application Data/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles/
  3. Rename the "prefs.js" file to "prefs.js.bak"
  4. Firefox will create a new prefs.js file when it launches. Re-Launch Firefox browser and check the prefs.js file. It should be empty except for a few entries.
  5. Enable one addon and exit Firefox.
  6. Launch Firefox and check the performance of iMeet® Central.
  7. Continue this procedure until all your addons have been re-enabled.
  8. Create a backup copy of the prefs.js to something like prefs_todays-date.js.bak

Note: You can use a file compare/diff utility such as SourceForge's WinMerge to view differences between the prefs.js files.

Review Firefox extensions

Some known Firefox extensions that conflict with iMeet® Central (or cause performance problems - if you are running any of these please disable them)

  • Firebug
  • YSlow
  • dragdropupload
  • SmartSwipe
  • Dragon 
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