Show us your screen for troubleshooting

This article is intended to help you communicate your issues to Support. In addition to sending email, posting on the forum, and calling Support, you can try any of the following methods to help illustrate your message:

Take a screenshot

Rather than typing out an entire error message you can save time and improve accuracy by taking a screenshot and attach it to a message to Support. Windows and Mac OSX have built in applications that create screenshots but you may want to consider using a third party application like Snagit to take your screenshots.

Mac OSX  
Download Snagit Trial

Send us a video

For situations where a still picture cannot capture what you are trying to communicate try creating a video. Jing offers free video capture for easy Video Capture of your screen. If you're not interested in downloading software but would still like to send us a video try ShowMeWhatsWrong. This website provides video screen capture & no installation of software needed.

Download Jing

Try ShowMeWhatsWrong

Use screen sharing tools

Certain issues require close observation of what happening with your computer. For this type of situation try using LogMeIn Express or iMeet® Central Web Meetings.

LogMeIn Express

LogMeIn Express is a lightweight Remote Desktop utility that can help us identify the problems that you are seeing. To share your screen, go to the LogMeIn Express home page and click on Share to download the application. Once it’s downloaded install the software and the application will automatically turn itself on. Keep in mind that we will ask for the 9 digit code provided in the LogMeIn toolbar at the top.

Try LogmeInExpress

LogMeIn Express

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