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Managing accounts

Users with "Manage Accounts" permission are able to manage account settings using the "Options" menu.

Manage Accounts Permission

To grant "Manage Accounts" permission for a user, first navigate to the company admin menu (gear icon in the top right) and select Company Setup>Internal Members. From this view, you can check the box in the "Manage Accounts" column for any users who you wish to be able to create and edit accounts and sub-accounts.


Managing Accounts

To manage your accounts, first navigate to the account or sub-account you wish to work on. Using the "Options" menu in the upper right corner of the account page, you can perform a variety of actions such as:

  • Editing the account / sub-account properties

  • Changing the cover photo for the account / sub-account

  • Removing the cover photo for the account / sub-account

  • Moving the location of an account / sub-account

  • Deleting an account / sub-account


1. Editing the account / sub-account properties

Selecting “Edit” will activate the editing function within the Account / Sub-Account property fields found below the “Activity” section. Users will be able to access and alter any fields within the properties section. After making all necessary edits, user will need to click the “Save” button found at the bottom of the screen to safely secure their changes.


2. Changing the cover photo for the account / sub-account

Selecting “Change Cover Photo” will activate a photo select popup. Click the “Select a File” and navigate through your computers file to select the file you wish to add. After selecting the correct file, use the cropping tool in the popup to set the parameters of your image. To successfully insert the image, select the “Crop” button at the bottom right hand corner of the popup.


3. Removing the cover photo for the account / sub-account

After selecting “Remove Cover Photo” option, you will encounter a popup verifying your request. To remove the cover photo, click the “Remove” button.


4. Moving the location of an account / sub-account

Selecting “Move” activates a popup menu. In the popup menu, select the new account you wish to store the account or sub-account in by typing in the location’s name or by selecting the location from a list of dropdown choices. Once the desired account is selected, click "Move".

Note: moving an account into another account will make it a sub-account.


5. Deleting an account / sub-account

To delete and account, select "Delete" from the "Options" menu. In the popup area that follows, type "Delete" to confirm the deletion.

Note: Accounts housing workspaces cannot be removed until all workspaces (archived, active, and templates) are removed from that account.

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