Archiving workspaces

A workspace can be Cloned, Archived, or Deleted. Occasionally, a workspace will no longer need to be accessed on a regular basis. This is especially true of project based workspaces after the project is complete. When this happens, it is beneficial to archive the workspace (set it aside in a Read Only state), but the archived space is still accessible to anyone with access to the workspace via direct URL or via a search. Archived workspaces can always be unarchived. Company Administrators can view all archived workspaces under Manage Workspaces.

Workspace archiving is only available to iMeet® Central for Enterprise or iMeet® Central for Agency plans. Contact our Sales Team at for additional information.

Archive a workspace

To archive a workspace, go to the the company admin menu (gear icon in the top right) and select Manage Workspaces. Click the dropdown arrow that appears to the far right of the workspace name. Then select "Archive". 


After a workspace has been archived, it can be accessed by navigating to the company admin menu (gear icon in the top right) and selecting Manage Workspaces > My Workspaces > Archived Workspaces .


Unarchive a workspace

Note: Only Company Admins can Unarchive workspaces.

To unarchive a workspace, go to the company admin menu (gear icon in the top right) and select Manage Workspaces > Options > Archived Workspaces. Click the dropdown arrow that appears to the far right of the workspace name. Then click "Unarchive".


Benefits of archiving workspaces

  • Restorable Content- Archiving is by far the BEST possible way to store/archive/backup the data in your workspace. While iMeet Central does offer a backup functionality for downloading your workspaces data, the contents of that local backup can not be easily reloaded into the system - they are for your use outside of the system. In the case of an archived workspace, by the click of a button you can reinstate an entire workspace, including all of the data, memberships, assignments, etc. providing a fast, free, simple way to restore an old workspace.
  • Cleaner Interface - Placing a workspace into an archived state tightens up your navigation by removing it from normal menus. As a project comes to a close or, perhaps, is placed on the back burner, it can be unnecessary clutter while it remains an option available through the iMeet Central interface. Mark the workspace as "Archived" and it is removed from all navigational menus and can only be accessed by Company Administrators through the Manage Workspaces area.
  • Making Room for more Workspaces - An archived workspace is not counted as part of your total number of allowed workspaces. In an effort to get the most cost effective use of your iMeet Central account, projects completed or on hold can be pulled out of your workspace allotment making room for additional, more pertinent workspaces.  Archived workspaces will count against storage total, but not workspace total.
  • Better Search - Ideal in most cases, content from archived workspaces does not show up in search results, creating a more efficient search mechanism with more accurate and usable search results. However, if needed, the Advanced Search area allows Company Admins the ability to also include archived workspace content in search results.
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