Cloning workspaces

Workspace Administrators have the ability to clone any specific workspace, creating an exact replica of its content and structure. This functionality can be useful when duplicating large amounts of information or creating a workspace structure similar to one already in existence.

Cloning a workspace

To clone a workspace, go to a workspace select Settings > General Settings > Clone Workspace.


The result of the cloning process is a replica of the specific workspace. All content, Tasks, Files, Databases, etc. are copied into the new workspaces as well as the structural aspects of the workspace such as Custom Tabs, Style Templates, General Settings, and Members.

Once created, the new workspace becomes its own entity and has no ties to any future changes made in the original workspace. Cloning a workspace falls under the same account limitations as creating a new workspace. The clone will count towards the account's total number of workspaces as well as the total storage space.

While using the cloning function allows for the quick duplication of a workspace on the fly, setting aside a workspace as a Template is another method of creating a new workspace from an established model.

Cloning workspaces with custom tabs pointing to folders: This can be done using the format "av&catid=11111" in your custom tab (replacing "11111" with the actual folder ID) before creating the clone.

Note: Items which will not carry over to cloned workspaces: Online Spreadsheets, Custom Tab references, Linked files (i.e. Database attachments), Version History of Documents, Comments, and last modified record will become Anonymous.

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