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Updating the home page of a workspace

The Home page of a workspace shows overdue activities (if any), upcoming activities, recent activity, team members and recent discussions by default. This can all be changed. To make changes to the Home page select Options > Customize. Note: This button is only available to Workspace Administrators.

Home Page


Upon clicking customize, you will see several gray boxes with various labels, as below.

App Blocks


Each of these gray boxes, called Application Blocks, represents a box of dynamic information that is being pulled from the workspace.  Dynamic information is information that changes with activities in the workspace. The Application Blocks can be removed by clicking on them and selecting delete. More importantly, other dynamic information can be inserted. Use the Insert More button to select more dynamic information to insert.

Insert More Button

This opens a window of Application Block options.

App Block Choices

Each of these options leads to another window to tailor your choice. (For example, selecting Project Management Blocks lead to a window where you can choose Task lists, Overdue/Upcoming Activities, Project Status Report Block or Project Properties.) There are many possibilities. There is a Restore to Default button in the Customize editing page. This Restore to Default button will remove all revisions and return you to the default Home Page with Overdue Activities (if any), Upcoming Activities, Recent Activity, Team Members and Recent Discussions.

Restore To Default
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