Internal use only feature

You can leverage iMeet® Central's Internal Use Only feature to mark specific items for internal member access only. When an item is marked for internal use only, it is hidden from all external workspace members. You can mark the following for Internal Use Only.

  • Folders
  • Task Lists & Milestones
  • Events
  • Databases
  • Custom Tabs
  • Internal Attachments
Activities related to Internal Use Only items will not appear in the activity stream of External Members. To avoid activity for uploaded files showing for all members, be sure to upload your confidential files directly to the internal folder.

Using the internal use only feature

Items can be marked for internal use only when creating or editing. For example, when creating a new folder in Files and Discussions, you will see an option to mark the folder for internal use only. This option can be turned on and off at any time by editing the folder properties.

When viewing an internal use only item in iMeet Central, you will see a red key symbol as well as a text letting you know that the item is marked for internal use only.

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