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What is a workspace?

A Workspace is a collection of web-pages where small teams, departments, or even large companies can come together to organize, share, and collaborate. iMeet® Central provides a selection of pre-configured workspace types to facilitate ease in creation.

Members can contribute to workspaces they are members of based on the Permissions given to them by the administrator of the workspace. The flexibility of typing and formatting documents online, uploading files and consolidating tasks into a central location make Workspaces ideal for managing projects and creating team intranets.

iMeet Central members can create Workspaces to segment work into projects, teams, departments or purpose based on individual need.

Available Workspace Types

iMeet Central provides a selection of Workspace types which can be used as jumping points in the creation of a customized workspace. These Workspace types have been setup to reflect common uses of workspaces, but all can be adapted at any point to reflect the needs of those using the workspace. The pre-configured types of workspaces available in the Workspace Creation Wizard as well as the tabs provided within each workspace type are:

  • Project Workspace: Home, Files & Discussions, Tasks, Milestones, Calendar, People
  • Project Wiki: Wiki
  • "A La Carte" Workspace: Choosing "A La Carte" allows you to determine from the start the system tabs which will appear in the workspace.

Template Workspaces will also appear in the Workspace Creation Wizard once they have been designated as a Template. In the example above, Client Project Template 1 is a templated workspace.

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