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The workspace General Settings area allows workspace administrators to enable certain workspace functions, specify the identity and how it behaves. Workspace General Settings can be accessed by going to the Settings tab within the workspace itself. The workspace General Settings can also be accessed by clicking on the company admin menu (gear icon in the top right) and selecting Manage Workspaces.

Also found in the General Settings area of a Workspace are the options to Clone, Archive, or Delete a workspace.


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General settings
Access & security
Configuration options 

General settings

Name and description

  • Name: The main Workspace name that appears in the Workspace menu and on the Dashboard.
  • URL: How members access this Workspace. Workspace URLs will automatically update, however links in activity stream, will update after the next activity occurs. 
  • Description: Description of the Workspace


  • Workspace Start Page: Sets the default start page for members when they enter a Workspace
  • Add this Workspace to Company Shortcuts: Creates a link to the Workspace on the Workspaces menu and Dashboard
  • Make this workspace available as a Template in the Workspace Creation Wizard: Makes the Workspace in the Workspace Creation Wizard. Also removes it from the standard Workspace navigational drop down
  • Make this Workspace a Project: Marks this workspace as a Project. Workspaces marked as a "Project" appear on the Project Resource Report
  • Allow iMeet Central Support Access to this Workspace: If troubleshooting help is needed, access to a Workspace can be given to iMeet Central Support. Once CD Support has finished troubleshooting, you can disallow access to the Workspace.
  • Make this Workspace Visible to Observers: Allows observers of this workspace to see the workspace in their dropdown menu.

Access + security


  • Enable RSS & iCal Feeds for this Workspace Allows users to subscribe to RSS and Calendar feeds from this Workspace in the My Account Settings
  • Enable Audit Log: Enables logging of all activity in Files & Discussions, Project Management and Database records

Access & sharing

  • Default Member Permissions: Sets the permissions which all new members receive by default
  • Allow External Members to Access this Workspace: Allows External Members to participate in a Workspace
  • Public File Sharing Options Enables the Public file Sharing Option for Simple Mode or Advanced Mode (with Link Expirations). Advanced Mode will allow for multiple shareable links per file and also expiration dates. Setting expiration to 0 days will default links to never expire.

Configuration options


  • When creating new Discussions or Forum Posts automatically turn: Sets the default for Email Notifications in Discussions and Forum Posts
  • When receiving Email Notifications: Sets whether email addresses of participants are displayed, not displayed, or hidden entirely
  • Automatically Subscribe Everyone to New Discussions Created by Email: applies to new discussions created by sending an email to a folder’s Discussions email address. All members will be notified of the discussion and will be subscribed to the discussion
  • Enable Comments: Allow users to comment on Pages or Files in this workspace. In this section you can also choose to sort comments as Oldest First or Newest First

Properties Form

Wiki navigation

  • Show or hide Wiki Tree in Wiki Tab: Displays or hides the Wiki tree in the Wiki tab


  • Notify assignees when tasks and milestones are created or modified: This setting provides the option to have the notify assignee checkbox in tasks and milestone checked by default or unchecked by default when tasks and milestones are created and modified in the specific workspace.
  • Archive Completed Task Lists and Milestones: Sets the number of days before archiving completed task lists and milestones. Task lists that are part of a milestone will not be archived until the milestone has been completed.

Other options

  • Files & Discussions Folder Root: This setting allows you to change the default folder root in Files & Discussions. Workspace root is the best option for workspaces that have highly organized folder structures. All Items is best for unorganized workspaces.
  • Document Status Options: Populates the document status option
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