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Analytics give you the ability to collect and measure data about your iMeet® Central site in order to better optimize its usage. The goal of analytics is to give companies the power to understand and improve the effectiveness of their iMeetCentral account. These tools can help you ensure that you are utilizing iMeetCentral in the best way for your company and have a clear view of how often and in what way your users are using the site.

Analytic Providers

For more information on setting up analytics for your page, you will need to decide which provider you would like to use. There are a great number of companies that provide analytic tools. Explore and find out which works best for your company. Some options are listed below to get you started: 

Setting up Analytics

To set up Analytics for your company, first navigate to the company admin menu (gear icon in the top right). From this menu, select Company Setup>Look & Feel>Analytics. Use the area here to enter a custom analytics code for your company.

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